Towards sustainability, bringing a cleaner, greener and kinder world for all to enjoy.


To deliver solutions spanning the entire business value chain across industries and mobility platforms to achieve maximum uptime performance and promoting environmental sustainability.


At Soon Aik, we live by 5 core values:

Customer Focused:

We are consistent in our service, delight our customers with our sincerity, meeting or exceeding their expectations regularly.


We are passionate, committed and responsible. Through leading by example, we carry out our duties diligently to achieve personal and organisational success.

Learning & Development:

We promote continuous learning and development to improve our competencies, constantly gaining knowledge, skills and abilities to prepare and adapt ourselves in response to market changes, growth and opportunities.

Teamwork & Communication:

We foster a culture of open communication where teamwork is built. We act with integrity, trust and respect towards each other.


We seek co-operation and collaboration with all stakeholders to achieve lasting win-win relationship and positive outcomes.