Maintenance Engineering Services With Ingeliance Singapore Pte Ltd

On 15 May 2024. Soon Aik Group (SA Group) Partner with Ingeliance Singapore Pte Ltd to jointly offer Maintenance Engineering Services such as Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Integrated Product Support (IPS) to both Defence and Commercial segment.

As part of this joint collaboration, both companies will be able to offer a Comprehensive Service Support Package which consists of ILS/IPS, Parts & Logistics Management and MRO Services, for our customers who own Industrial big and complex system power by Diesel or Electric, and the Industrial system platform can be for mobile, power generating or data centre.


Investment by Soon Aik Global into Transocean Fortune Integrator (Water)

On 23 November 2023, a significant signing ceremony took place, marking the investment by Soon Aik Global into TFIW. This event represents a major milestone, strengthening the partnership between the two entities. We are excited about the opportunities this partnership opens up for both companies, in Deep Ocean Water (DOW) Industry.